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  • slide locationWe are very excited to announce the opening of our new office in Aberdeen. This new location is going to give us more room to operate and a central base of operations that will allow us to help more people. Our new headquarters is such a blessing and we want to say a gigantic THANK YOU to everyone who made it possible.

    Our new address is;
    PO Box 382,
    11815D 15/501 South
    Aberdeen, NC 28315

    This office is great and we appreciate your help in keeping it growing and thriving. If you feel inspired we'll be accepting your donations to pay the operating costs month to month. A simple dollar will do. Thanks in advance for your generosity...give knowing you are helping local folks help local folks.


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Volunteers are Needed!

We need help sorting through all the wonderful blessings we have received.  If you would like to help this week WE NEED YOU!..get details.

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  • The Caring Hearts for Kids of Moore Mission Statement

    "Our mission is to help others that need a hand-up, not a hand-out and to help at-need children & families get the essentials they require; offering a lending ear to let them know they are being heard, a friend so that they are not alone, and assistance so they know that someone really does care. Children, families and animals - making a difference, one heart at a time."  It's this statement that drives us through the long hours and late nights.
    CARING HEARTS FOR KIDS OF MOORE is a nonprofit charity that was started on Facebook with a small group of people just wanting to help others here in our small community. We are a faith-based mission serving the children of Moore County since November 2013. Starting out on Facebook,
    Learn About Us
    we now have over 3900 members. We also support Moore County schools as well as several  local mission and pet rescue groups. If you need help, we want to give it.
  • We are always looking for Caring Volunteers

    Helping over 100 children our first Christmas with only a few weeks prep work and over 300 families since forming; we are always in need of volunteers to help pick up,
    Volunteer to help
    sort and deliver items to our neighbors in need. As we grow, our needs grow, so please join our FaceBook page or contact us through either email, text or private FB message to see what we need.

    Donations are always appreciated

    Wether you would like to donate your time, items for our families in need, services or facilities
    Make a Donation
    to help our cause or even cash donations we would be honored, humbled and happy to let you aid our cause. Click on any of the above links for more info
  • It's easy to participate and help our families in need

    Our Caring Hearts for Kids of Moore Facebook Group makes it easy to post any items or services you would like to offer. It also gives our families an opportunity to post things they need and for us to ask our members for help when we learn of new requests.  We'll also keep you up to date with upcoming events and fundraisers we have planned.

    Visit the Facebook Group often for updates

    Our online group page never stops working. There are requests being posted 24 hours a day, 7 days a week 365 days a year. There are always children and families facing difficulties and our site hopes to serve them
    Visit our Group
    even while we're sleeping.  It is a closed group but we welcome new members every day and would love to add you to our mobile army of good people.

Upcoming Events

We are an official Non-Profit Charity

As of May 9, 2014 CARING HEARTS FOR KIDS OF MOORE is a registered nonprofit corporation/charity in the state of North Carolina. Many of you know that we started here on Facebook with a small group of people just wanting to help others here in our community as a faith-based mission serving the children of Moore County. Since November 2013 we have grown to over 3300 members. In this time we have developed relations with Moore County schools as well as several local mission and pet rescue groups. In the short time since this group was started, we have been able to help people with a variety of needs and diverse situation...read more