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Make a Request for a Donation

The easiest way to interact with our helpful donors is to post your needs in our Facebook Group.  We have an army of amazing volunteers and folks who like to "Pay It Forward" by helping others. 

We realize that some of you may not "want your private business" on Facebook so we would also like to offer the chance to Make a Request to Caring Hearts for Kids of Moore that only our staff will see, and we can post your requests without mentioning your name or situation.  We respect and understand your right to privacy...but we still want to help. 

When submitting your request please be sure to include any specific information we may need such as clothing sizes, shoe sizes, or anything else to make filling your request more helpful.

Caring Hearts Office Hours

Tuesday & Wednesday | 11am - 3pm

Wednesday Evening | 6:30pm - 8pm

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We are an official Non-Profit Charity

As of May 9, 2014 CARING HEARTS FOR KIDS OF MOORE is a registered nonprofit corporation/charity in the state of North Carolina. Many of you know that we started here on Facebook with a small group of people just wanting to help others here in our community as a faith-based mission serving the children of Moore County. Since November 2013 we have grown to over 3300 members. In this time we have developed relations with Moore County schools as well as several local mission and pet rescue groups. In the short time since this group was started, we have been able to help people with a variety of needs and diverse more